Garlic Varieties

Chesnok Red

A medium sized garlic from the Republic of Georgia (not the state) that has colorful skin with dark purple stripes.  It is a full-flavored garlic with a mellow aftertaste and one of the best roasting garlics with a sweet creamy finish.  A culinary favorite.  Stores up to 6 months. 

German White Hardy

A popular type, German White, with its large white bulbs with just a hint of purple is a commonly seen variety at garlic festivals and farm stands. A mild heat and a strong well-balanced flavor makes it a great all-purpose garlic. Stores 6 months.

Georgian Fire

It’s often described as one of the best-tasting varieties, with a white-hot flavor.  This garlic gets its name from the Republic of Georgia and it belongs to a group known as porcelain garlic because of a satiny white outer wrapping around the bulbs. Stores for 7-8 months.

Montana Giant

Large, reddish bulbs are robust and one of the best tasting full-flavored slightly spicy (but not overpowering) flavor starts off strong, then mellows, great in raw dishes. Montana Giant is a beautiful Rocambole type garlic that is excellent for cooking with a longer storage life.


Beautiful satin white bulb wrappers and clove wrappers have an attractive purple color.  Music is one of the most popular Porcelain garlics.  Easy to peel and popular in the kitchen, it has a rich and robust taste — slightly spicy and with some heat but not overwhelming. Stores for 9-12 months.

Romanian Red

Robust hot and spicy garlic from Romania. Bulbs are a beautiful cream white with shades of purple skins. Romanian Red produces a delicious flavor that is pungent and adds a long-lasting hot and spicy bite to any dish. Although pungent, it also has an excellent flavor with a strong nutty after taste. Highly regarded medicinal garlic, known for its high allicin content. Excellent storage.